2019, looking forward

It’s been a heck of a year. Really, it has. I’m pretty sure I can say that I’ve changed more as a person in the last three or four months than I have in three or four years. In some ways, it’s been good, but in others, not so.

I’ve Learned

Work has taken a few turns, shifting gears in quite a few ways. Sometimes that has meant taking on new responsibility that challenged my mind and motivated me to be better. Once or twice, it showed me the areas in which I just wasn’t cut out for; kitchen management and inventory, for example. One of my greatest work related accomplishments this year is probably My BlindNewWorld Contribution.

http://blindnewworld.org/blog/dont-be-the-bird-in-the-boxI’ve loved

2019 has introduced me to some wonderful people, and also drifted me from others. I’ve reconnected with most since then, and can honestly say I have a deeper appreciation for friendship than I ever had before. One of the most meaningful relationships this year gave me has created a bond that I never expected and hope to continue growing for years to come.

I’ve lost.

In september I rekindled a friendship with a classmate from school who was gravely ill. We spent two amazing months together surrounded by new and old friends before he left this world. I thank him every day for what he gave me and taught me during our time together.

I’ve lived

Everyone has things that hold them back. After the loss of my friend, I decided to live the life he’d want to, and want me to. I took a stab at something wild and applied for a position on the other side of the country.. and I got it! As I write this, two large suitcases stand in our hallway and I’m preparing to fly to california to start a new adventure.
Honestly, I’m not sad to see 2019 go. I’m excited to see all the fantastic developments that the new decade bring, and eager to start my new adventure in a new unfamiliar place.

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