About Me

ShortShady is, of course, just an alias, shamelessly stolen from Eminem’s “SlimShady” concept. Given the fact that I am three foot eight and totally blind, it made a pretty interesting play on words in my opinion. That, coupled with the fact that there are indeed countless shades of my mind and world made the whole idea rather catchy.
In reality, my name is Ashley. I’m 26 and live in Boston where I work on the communications team for a well-known blindness organization. As a blogger, I share my story through my passions: disability advocacy, mental health awareness, and LGBT rights. In adition to blogging, I do a lot of miscellanious writing in the form of poetry, freelancing, fiction, and music, which finds its way up here once in a while as well. When I’m not writing something for someone or somewhere, I’m often producing music, talking online, or broadcasting on internet radio. That or checking out a Boston restaurant, traveling, working on some other pet project, gaming, or watching Greys Anatomy.
So yes, I keep busy. Yes, life gets pretty weird sometimes, just like it does for all of us. Yes, I am open to sharing all that and more right here. Sound intriguing? Take a look around and stay tuned for more Shades of Short Shady.