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SuperBowl stadium at field levelNo, I’m not one for sporting events, but when your home team hits big time, all the hype can make even the most uninterested local care. With my weekend being as action packed as it was, I was pretty adamant that if I watched the Patriots in Super Bowl 53, I was going to do it from my cozy room, comfy bed, and computer. So, somewhere around six I fired up a live stream and all the software I need to record and broadcast the audio to other interested listeners.
This year, the event was especially interesting with the addition of Aira. For those who don’t know, Aira is a service which uses smart glasses or a smart phone to pair a blind person with a live agent for realtime descriptions of our surroundings. Sometimes, the staff at Aira cover live events like this one without the need of a subscription and it was that which I tuned into for this. By tuning into the Aira coverage and the TV broadcast, I was able to keep track of the game action and appreciate the visuals of the halftime show as well as the postgame wrap-up. Although for legal reasons the Aira agents could not describe the game play for play, the commentary was sufficient and the descriptions they did give were more than I’ve ever had in previous years.
Want to hear my Super Bowl experience for yourself? This includes game highlights and Aira descriptions of halftime and postgame shows.

Think you might want to try aira? I’m glad to refer you. Just let me know you used my link and we’ll both get perks.

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