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There’s a new app on my technological radar, and it’s called IAccess. Before anyone gets mad, it’s not just for iphone, but for android devices too. This app is new, but has loads of potential. In a nut shell, it’s like Yelp, but with a focus on accessibility.

I am completely blind, and I have dwarfism, which for me means I have difficulty with long walks, high seats, and loads of stairs. Not that I can’t deal with such things, but that I try to avoid them.

Using IAccess, I and others can rate the accessibility of all types of venues. Yes, accessibility looks different for everyone, but these ratings and comments make for a great start when deciding to access a venue or not. As of now, its focus is mainly on wheelchair accessibility and allows a location to be rated on accessibility of the entrance, bathrooms, interior, and parking, after which additional comments can be added.

Since this app is crowd sourced, it means that there are no ratings unless we rate places ourselves,. This makes it ideal for posting opinions on accessibility, but also means that if we want to see such information we must get more involvement on the app. It also means that, in my opinion, the developers should add more rating options to the mix in order to accommodate a wider range of disabilities. Is the menu or inventory accessible online to the blind? Is the atmosphere loud or quiet, well-lit or not so? What kinds of seating do they offer? Unfortunately, there is only a small amount of writing allowed in the text box so some of this extra information couldn’t fit if entered in manually.

We all want to know what type of situation we’re getting into before we get there, and that’s especially true when it comes to accessing any kind of public setting. IAccess is a fantastic solution the question of venue access, as long as people of all types put their input into the mix. No matter your abilities or challenges, definitely toss your thoughts into ratings of places you’ve visited. I, personally, look forward to more ratings in my area and the changes that the developers put in place. So if you’re looking for a cool new app to try and want to contribute to a neat project, I suggest taking a look at this. Together, we can build a more accessible world.

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