Just Who’s In the Dark?

My mother and I with a dog

Nope, this is not my guide dog; I don’t have one of those, for reasons that are a whole different post. That is a therapy dog though, also not mine, and that is my mom. Anyway, this is not a post about dogs but a post about a new TV show hitting the scene featuring a blind girl with a guide dog. The show, “In the Dark” aired its first pilot episode on the CW Thursday night, and it’s making some people mad.

In the Dark trailer

Check out this trailer. Love it? Hate it? The main character Murphy (who has the first name Murphy?) is not played by a blind person, which is the the main reason for all the uproar. The preview shows her feeling someone’s face, using her cane badly, getting trashed and having multiple sexual encounters. Basically, it shows the kind of blind person no blind person aspires to be. However, it also shows that blind people, like anyone else, have their own set of issues and for god sake are not, contrary to popular belief, nonsexual beings.

In the actual episode we see more of these facts to be true. In fact, she does explain that feeling faces is not what we do, and talks a lot about how sighted people talk to and pity those of us who are blind. Maybe the CW didn’t consult ACB or NFB, but clearly someone somewhere knows a blind person, because they’re getting more than a few things right. Now, let’s leave her be and watch as she kicks ass sleuthing to solve her dead friend’s murder.

Let’s be honest, people would be divided no matter how the CW decided to swing this show. If they cast a blind person for the lead, people would still be mad over the way the character is written. If they wrote the perfect blind character with the best behavior and no blindisms, well, who would really watch that? How dull. At least this will get people talking and create conversation around what is and isn’t reality in a blind person’s life.

The bottom line: go make some popcorn, tune your dvr to Thursdays at 9:00 on the cw, sit your booty down and watch this show. You know you want a killer plot line with interesting characters and forty-two minutes of intrigue. There’s no sense in boycotting it when your boycotting is giving it the traction you didn’t want it to have in the first place.

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  1. So when I heard this show was airing I was like, oh my christ, please, no, not a fuckin’ gain.
    But to be honest, I watched it? and liked it.
    I’m curious to see where they take this show. and to be honest, The ratings for the pilot episode aren’t as shitty as one might think, at least, according to the major sites that track such things. SO we’ll see what this thing does on Thursday.

  2. Missed the show but watched the trailer. It’s something I’d watch, but not my soul-mate, Matt Chao. He hates anything with romance it it. The fact that Murphy does not appear blind is not as bothersome as the fact that she’s gob-smacked gorgeous, is a bit far-fetched. But then , that’s Hollywood. Besides, why portray her as a “nymph”?

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