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When I was in high school, I wrote a research paper about abortion. More specifically, it discussed the possibility of eradicating disability by using genetic tests to identify and abort babies who would be born different. As a young girl with disabilities, the idea that a mother would kill their unborn child because they found out the baby could have challenges bothered me. I still don’t love that idea. If someone aborts their child after finding out it might be blind, or a little person, or have intellectual challenges, well, I don’t want to know about it. I do however want them to at the very least have the choice to do so, and that’s the bottom line.
Every lady has the choice to do what they want with their own body, whether the rest of us like their choice or not. Every woman has their own unique situation that the rest of us know nothing about and have no place to judge. Is she too young to be a mother? Was she sexually assaulted? Are her living conditions suitable to bring a child into the world? Is having a child safe for her? There are a million reasons why a girl might decide not to have their baby, and each one is nobody’s business.
Moreover, none of those reasons are the business of law-makers, most of whom are men who, for obvious reasons don’t bare children. While they spend time blaming the women and emphasizing that abortion is murder, they don’t touch upon the realization that preventative measures like birth control and condoms don’t always work, that sexual assaults by men are a huge problem, and that so many other factors can be going on unseen in the girl’s world. In a country where fetal and maternal mortality rates are so high, you would think at least that would be considered, as would the fact that more babies would be born into foster care or harmful living situations.
Unfortunately, none of this seems to hold much weight in certain parts of this country today, which makes it more important than ever to stand your ground and speak out for what you believe in. I believe in women like me and my mom and our friends being able to have the choice to do what we believe necessary with our lives and our bodies. I believe in safe and clean medical conditions for the care we need. I believe in children being born to capable, loving women who are ready for them. I believe in choice, and I would like to believe in fixing our sadly disappointing country rulings.
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