Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

A group of young people with disabilities

Yes, I went there. Why? Because sex and disability is another one of those topics kept hushed up unnecessarily. Despite its prominence in modern music and culture, it’s often avoided around those with disabilities. We go to doctors offices where they look at our family when asking those questions, or avoid eye contact at all. In schools, some of us don’t even get taught these things. At home, they’re not brought up at all.

Can we have sex? are we even sexual? Do we know what sex is? Yes, we do, and if we don’t, we should.

Everyone deserves an education as to the ways of the world. Not that we need to use it, or like it, but in this crazy world, at the very least be aware of it. Open up a safe dialogue for questions. For some of us with physical limitations, well, we have to get creative, and sometimes that means needing assistance coming up with ways to make it possible. Let me tell you, there are some creative methods out there.

Stop avoiding the conversation. Ask the question. Our answers might surprise you, so have the discussion like you would with anyone else.

We’ve come a long ways in equality, inclusion and acceptance, but there are some places where the general community lacks. This is one of those places, and its one that shouldn’t be excluded from the disability discussion no matter our own individual take on the subject. Some lines of dialogue just need to remain open, and this is one, so let’s open it wider and stop shutting it tight.

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  1. Love this! Yes its so true sex does need to get talked amongst us, even more with the folks with disabilities, if we’re gonna educate, lets at least do it in a healthy mannor!!! Salute n much respect!

  2. This is a very important subject to have on the table. I was participating in a workshop put on by Uniting Care in conjunction with Community Mental Health in the town I live in Australia and my mother often said I didn’t need to keep going to this workshop but I went anyway. the subjects of healthy relationships and mental health in particular are two such subjects that don’t get talked about in our house and I find myself asking relationship related questions to my confidant who has a very big influence on my life and I see as another role model who has been taking me bike riding for the past 5 years sex education has always been lacking in school and now I feel I’m somewhat held back from even making decisions on who I should consider as good friendship material. when you’re an only child and you’re a bit of a loner it doesn’t help I had this discussion with my father last Friday night as to how I was feeling and what I thought was going on as to feeling I was being held back and feeling like somebody was interfering with my ability to make up my own mind as to who I consider friends my mother keeps telling me don’t worry about the girlfriend just have friends who are girls and even if a woman s says she might have feelings for me I step back because I’m a huge believer in respecting personal space

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