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The LGBT community has been part of my life since I was about thirteen. No, that wasn’t the time I decided I identified as LGBT, but the time I began learning about what it encompassed. Trust me, when your best friend leaves for highschool and comes home to tell you she’s a lesbian after always liking guys, you’d want answers too.
Open-mindedness was part of me even then, so I embraced the community as an active ally in short time. That is, until a little way through my own highschool experience where I realized that, just maybe, I could be attracted to girls and guys both. So, did that make me bi?
This answer came in college, where I learned about gender identity as I immersed myself in the school’s student body and greek life. The word I’d been looking for was “pansexual”, meaning that I don’t see gender as a deciding factor in who I romantically like. Establishing this transformed me from an LGBT ally to an outspoken participant in LGBT events, and that hasn’t changed in the slightest.
For me, there has never been any “coming out” process. There has definitely been a process of self-transformation in order for me to figure out where and what I identified as, but none of that was ever secret. People at school and home saw me going to LGBT groups, and if anyone had questions in that regard, I would always answer with whatever I could at the time.
This month is pride month, and I’m proud to be a part of this diverse community. I’m proud to do what I can to advocate and stand beside those around me fighting for their rights, their safety and their love. I’m proud to say I’m attending my first pride parade in Boston tomorrow. I’m proud to be me, and I’m proud to identify as LGBT+
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