No Dollars for Domino’s

Enjoying pizza with a guy friendI’m not one to let much get in the way of good food. I’ve navigated unfamiliar city streets, argued with lost delivery drivers, and read inaccessible menus all for a tasty bite. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a quick call to Domino’s at any time from anywhere, but now, I vehemently refuse, and there’s a good reason why.
We see them all over; in so many towns, delivering pizza, sandwiches, pasta and more for rather affordable prices. We can call, visit a store, order online or through an app. From my experience the app and website both work fairly well from an accessibility standpoint, but did you know that the successful pizza chain refuses to make their web presence accessible to people with disabilities?
Three years ago, our friends at Domino’s were sued because their pizza tracker component was not accessible to a blind person. Instead of apologizing and trying to do better, the company argued that accessibility would be costly and was not required by ADA law. The truth is that the ADA does, in fact, cover mobile and web as long as the website pertains to a US business which have physical locations. Although a federal court ruled against Domino’s in favor of accessibility, the company is continuing to fight by petitioning the supreme court to take the case this fall. The outcome of this case could alter digital accessibility as we know it for better or worse depending on the final conclusion.
In my mind, it’s simple. I will not give money to a major chain that doesn’t believe patronage from people like myself is important. Whether or not their digital applications have worked for me doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, they don’t care about accessibility as a whole and that’s a disappointment. They could make or break accessibility standards for years to come, and that could mean so many backwards steps for the advancement of the lives of people with disabilities. Accessibility doesn’t need to be costly. Accessibility needs are in everyone’s future, and accessibility is for everyone! Let’s not ruin the amazing work that’s been done to make an accessible web thus far. Until Domino’s understands the importance of accessibility, I’ll take my dollars elsewhere.

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