On This Day: a Dedication

On January 18, 2018, I made a decision. Not a tiny simple one like what to have for dinner. One of those big decisions you make and hope you’re doing the right thing, only to find it was one of the best choices in your life. It was no secret that he wanted to try a relationship with me, but the distance and complex circumstances of both our situations made me uncertain. Yet, something on that night spurred me on to say yes.

In the months that followed, we learned and grew with each other. Sometimes there were bumps in the road that seemed impassable, but together we came out on top every time. We figured out each others habits, talked out every issue, discovered mutual interests and created a life that has become uniquely ours along the course of 12 months.

365 days later we are stronger than ever. We have found things to do together, and even projects we can both participate on. No distance, doubt, or conflict can get in our way as we continue expanding on the deep bond of love we’ve worked so hard to build. A year doesn’t always guarantee this much success even with an offline relationship, so the fact that we’ve come so far in such time speaks volumes about what’s to come.

Today I’m celebrating this one year anniversary, because our strength and love is something worth recognizing. I believe there is more years to come, more to discover, more memories to make and always more love to feel. This day, this post, and this celebration is dedicated to my love, Michael, and to all the future anniversaries I know we’ll be having.


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  1. Thank you love. its been fun. I look forward to more love, and more fun stuff in our relationship. I love you lots, and happy 1 year anniversary

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