Shockingly Curative

Photo of a younger, maybe seven year old me holding a microphone.

Last week I was taking a look through twitter on my lunch break, and came across something that got me talking.

Well, he shouldn’t have to explain how wrong this idea is in 2019, but it turns out that’s exactly what we we did. We’re all entitled to our opinions, I suppose, and I probably have a particularly strict stance on this seeing as how I live so close to JRC with all its controversy.
The discussion got me thinking though, and not just about how wrong this “cure” would be, but about “cures” in general. See to me, the word’s a bit strong; a bit… final. I’ve heard about “curing” blindness, “cures” for types of dwarfism and of course, “cures for Autism.” I’ve also heard about “curing” cancer, or diabetes.
Google defines the word “cure” as, “Relieving a person or animal of symptoms of a disease or condition.” So, to “cure” ADHD, autism, blindness, or dwarfism would be to erase characteristics of ourselves that are brought about by our subsequent diagnoses. For many, like myself, these “conditions”, more commonly in our case called “disabilities”, are part of who we are. Personally, I don’t want to be “cured” of these things that have played such a key part in my life. Should there be treatments to help us live better, see better, learn better, live better? Absolutely, but does that mean we need to be “cured?” I think not.
Rather, I think those who develop “cures” need to be focusing on the diseases that kill people. Cancer, Diabetes, diseases which greatly limit a persons’ lifespan, or endanger their lives. These are what I want “cured.” Not my blindness, or dwarfism, Autism or ADHD. Let people choose what they want treated. Let’s not start running around “curing” children before they can decide weather or not they want treatment. To “cure” one disability is the segue into “curing” them all, and that will only lead to a world which has taken ten steps back in acceptance and diversity. That is not where the world should be focusing its energy, nor is shocking behavior disorders out of young kids.

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