Stars Align

It’s another Thursday at work, coming straight home to a quiet house afterwords, but it’s also valentines day, and I’m celebrating. I’m not getting chocolate, or flowers, or a fancy dinner, and that’s okay; it’s all material and money spent. Besides, I’ve got something better.

I’ve got someone to love, and be loved by. Someone to share thoughts and interests and moments with. These are the things I value above anything that can be bought, after all, everyone knows money can’t buy us love.

We’re hundreds of miles apart, 2090 from one house to another in fact. We’ve never truly met, and neither of us can see the other, but love knows no limits. Tonight we celebrate by taking the evening as ours, with music, conversation, and maybe a bit more, ending in staying together as we sleep until we wake up in the morning. It’s my perfect kind of night.

People often look skeptically at long distance relationships, especially those ignited online without in person experience together,. The doubt is understandable, but the successes do exist. There are ways to make things special, ways to spend time together, ways to keep up communication and of course, ways to spice things up. Ultimately, there are ways to make anything work if both of you want to give it a try.

I decided to give us a try about a year ago, but it’s this year I’m really feeling the drive to celebrate a day that I usually regard as silly and over marketed. One year can make or break a relationship, but it has only made us stronger. So, I celebrate to reflect on what I have and look forward to what’s to come. The future might be filled with challenges, but we can face them head on.

To all the singles reading, well, you probably aren’t because this bugs. I get it, and I’m not going to feed you BS about how love will find you blah blah blah. You’re awesome for sticking with my romance post, and you should celebrate your awesomeness if nothing else. I promise I’m almost done being sappy, but not quite done.

Happy valentines day to my amazing boyfriend Michael, who gave me the inspiration for this post and a reason to feel the impact of the day. Here’s to many more moments, and nights, and years.

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