World Awesome, Er Autism Day

My friend and I standing outside

No, I’m not wearing blue, or lighting things blue, or giving a damn about the color blue with autism speaks. Number one, they don’t truly support the people they claim to serve and number two, I wouldn’t be able to identify the color blue if I tripped over it. I will however fully support this autism acceptance, or awareness month, whichever you choose. Actually, I’ll just make this simple, take the second syllable out of autism and call it awesome month, because you’re all awesome.
Some people associate autism with inappropriate behaviors, difficulty in social situations, learning challenges, and limited vocabulary. They see someone stimming or enjoying their special interest and think the person lesser for it. Me, I think “cool. Let’s go hang out with them.”
Some of my best and closest friends have been you guys on the spectrum. Some of my greatest moments have consisted of enjoying your interest, learning your made up words or jumping around with you just so I can take a step into your world and see why that stim in particular is so satisfying. Personally, I really do like to spin.
Your honesty is unparalleled, although sometimes it gets you in trouble, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had deeper, more philosophical conversations with you than a person without autism. Seriously, I love the creativity and unique insight you all bring to the table. More people should think so deeply.
Yeah, sometimes I get a little sensory overloaded too, or focus on something for too long, end up repeating one phrase in my head, or don’t know how to handle a social situation. However, I’m just someone on the outside looking in, taking a stroll through the autism multiverse and appreciating the many facets of it. I don’t know life with autism any more than a person on the spectrum knows life as a little person, but I do know awareness and acceptance and fully believe this world needs a lot more of both.
To my awesome readers, I mean readers with autism, keep being your fantastic quirky selves and show the world you rock it. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this month, whatever you choose to call it. For everyone else out here reading, I strongly encourage you to find other blogs by writers with autism so you might acquaint yourselves with the real truths and misconceptions of the autism spectrum and meet some great writers along the way. Let’s raise awareness, build acceptance, ask questions and learn from others throughout this month. Remember that comments are moderated and therefore won’t be posted if not respectful.

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